Go Local for Summer Music and Books

Summer is in full swing, and there's still plenty of travel time left on the calendar. Whether you're taking a trip abroad or just heading to the coast for some weekend R&R, there's no better way to relax than listening to some music or getting lost in a wonderful book. Good News... You don't have to look far to find local musical groups or authors to take along with you on your adventures.

Local Music

The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich history of being on the leading edge of the music scene and of producing nationally known musical artists. With an embarrassment of riches to choose from, you can easily create a playlist of local artists for your smartphone or tablet that span several genres, including classical, hip-hop, rock, punk and even country music. Here are a few local groups and suggested songs you can check out that will help you relax through your travels:

Counting Crows - Alternative Rock and Pop Rock; try Mr. Jones or A Murder of One from the "August & Everything After" album

AFI - Alternative Rock and Punk - grab Love Like Winter or Medicate

The Doobie Brothers - Rock; So many older hits to choose from, but if you want something more recent check out Don't Say Goodbye and Nobody from the "World Gone Crazy" album

Con Funk Shun - Every playlist needs a little old school R&B: add Shake and Dance with Me

Bonnie Raitt - Folk Rock, Pop and Blues; The soulful sounds of Bonnie Raitt are just wonderful on Take My Love with You from the "Slipstream" album

Train - Rock; Drive By from the "California 37" album

Local Authors

Many talented and creative writers call the bay area home. No matter what your preferences... non-fiction or fiction, sci-fi or suspense, you can find books by local authors at many indie bookshops that will help you escape during your travels. Here are a few suggestions:

Katie Hafner - a journalist who writes books and articles about technology and society. Her most recent book, Mother Daughter Me, a memoir, has received great praise and is worth the read for anyone who is facing decisions around moving a parent into their home.

Dave Eggers - Both his non-fiction and fiction works chronicle the plight of everyday people making it in the complex world that we live in. His books are filled with tales of irony, empathy and humor. Check out his first non-fiction book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and his most current novel, A Hologram for the King. Both are unforgettable reads.

Daniel Handler (fiction author) - Also known under the pen name of Lemony Snicket and the book A Series of Unfortunate Events, Handler has more recent works such as Why We Broke Up or The Basic Eight: A Novel

Tim (TA) Pratt (sci-fi author) - Looking for a little science fiction to stoke your imagination on vacation... try Bride of Death. This book is part of the Marla Mason stories; she is the head sorceress of the fictional U.S. city of Felport. Bride of Death is book 8 in the series, so you may want to start from the beginning (Blood Engines)

Laurie R. King (mystery/suspense author) - New York Times bestselling crime writer. For those who like the Who Dunnit genre, King has a series of novels featuring female protagonists, Mary Russell mysteries (first book: The Beekeepers Apprentice) and Kate Martinelli mysteries (first book: A Grave Talent). Her work is detailed and suspenseful... perfect for staying up late during your vacation time.

So soak up summer's bounty by tapping into our great local talent for music and books as you head out on your travels.

Visit http://www.gatherlocally.com for great things going on in our local community.

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