First Saturdays

Remembering to shop locally can be hard. We’re all so used to buying things at our tried and true big box stores or the websites that are conveniently bookmarked in our browsers. But we should shop locally because by doing so, we keep our neighborhoods healthy and strong. Of the everyday items that we pick up running errands each week, almost all could be purchased at a local independent retailer. And for every $100 we spend locally, $68 will stay in our community --fixing pot-holes, improving parks and supporting city projects.

It’s really not hard to shop locally, but we have to build the habit of doing it - you know, develop a little muscle memory. What if, at a minimum, we all made it a point to shop locally on the first Saturday of each month? That’s easy to remember and before long, it will be our new favorite routine.

This Saturday, November 7th, is a great day to start.

There will be no fanfare or marketing hype, just your dedication to shopping at the local businesses in your neighborhood that support your community by paying taxes, providing jobs, and contributing to causes within the community.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

General Grocery Stores

Ashby Marketplace (Elmwood neighborhood - Berkeley)

Farmer Joe’s (Dimond neighborhood – Oakland)

Piedmont Grocery Store (Piedmont Ave – Oakland)

Monterey Market (Northbrae neighborhood – Berkeley)

Star Grocery (Claremont neighborhood – Berkeley)

Specialty Groceries

Cheese Board Collective (North Shattuck neighborhood – Berkeley)

Monterey Fish Market (Northbrae neighborhood – Berkeley)

Yasai Produce Market (Rockridge neighborhood – Oakland)

Office Supplies and Hardware Store

Elmwood Stationers (Elmwood neighborhood – Berkeley)

Montclair Village Hardware (Montclair – Oakland)

Home Décor and Gifts

Crimson Horticultural Rarities (Temescal – Oakland)

Marion & Rose’s Workshop (Old Oakland – Oakland)

Book Stores

Moe’s Books (Telegraph Ave – Berkeley)

Walden Pond Books (Grand Ave. – Oakland)

Hobby and Toys

Boss Robot Hobby (Elmwood neighborhood Berkeley)

Montclair Toys (Montclair – Oakland)

Mr. Mopps’ Toy Shop (Westbrae neighborhood – Berkeley)

So remember First Saturdays (mark your calendar -- until that musle memory sets in). Bring a friend or the kids (or not). Be sure to grab a beverage at one of the nice cafes you're sure to pass along the way and enjoy the buzz of a thriving local neighborhood.

Have local favorite shops that you’d like to share with the community? Let us know!

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