Weekend Indulgences – Local Ice Cream

We are very lucky in Oakland and Berkeley to have mild weather almost all year long…. So eating ice cream is also great all year. Our neighborhood ice cream shops have the creativity and inventiveness that mirror the incredible restaurant scenes. Fun flavors usually feature savory ingredients, and many scoop shops rotate seasonal specials. If you're looking to score something cold and creamy, treat yourself and your crew to a scoop (or two!) at one of our favorite ice cream shops around town. They’re all jaw-dropping delicious.


Cream - 2399 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 and 6300 College Ave, Oakland, CA

Ice cream sandwiches are a genius idea, and it’s a surprise that more ice cream parlors don’t offer them. But luckily for us Cream has come to the rescue. The cookie-hugging ice cream sandwiches at Cream are engineered to deliver maximum pleasure. If lines out the door and down the block are to be used as an indication of devotion to a brand, then customers have spoken, and they love Cream. The flagship scoop shop is on Telegraph Ave, in Berkeley, but you can also score the frozen treats on College Ave in the Rockridge District. Are you Vegan? Gluten free? Dairy intolerant? Don’t worry you can join in the delicious fun too. Cream has vegan and gluten free cookies, along with soy ice cream.

Ici - 2948 College Ave (at Ashby Ave.), Berkeley, CA

This super-cute Elmwood ice cream and sweet shop has reached near-icon status in Berkeley, exemplified by the line that often stretches out the door. The ice cream is really fantastic; every variety is so rich and flavorful that you will never leave disappointed. Ici offers 11 daily-changing flavors of ice creams, sorbets and sherbets that are handmade fresh every day in small batches. You can find fantastic classics like vanilla and chocolate, but daring flavors like Cardamom Rose Pistachio or Caramel Chile, will make your taste buds dance. Ici also sells a selection of homemade cookies and candies all beautifully wrapped up for gift giving or immediate consumption.

iScream - 1819 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

A Solano Ave. treasure, this scoop shop makes their ice cream daily, in small batches. The hot fudge and caramel sauce are made from scratch, as well as the toffee, caramel, pralines and other candies that go into the ice creams. The incredibly fresh-tasting dairy treats here are made with premium ingredients that come in fun, creative flavors, like Brown Sugar Banana and Burnt Caramel.


Smitten Ice Cream - 5800 College Ave (at Birch Ct), Oakland, CA

Made to order. That's the hallmark of this Rockridge neighborhood scoop shop. While most shops now make their own ice cream, none do it as creatively as Smitten. They have a one-of-a-kind ice cream machine that perfects the process of using liquid nitrogen to churn exceptionally small ice crystals, which make a smooth, yet dense ice cream.

Fenton’s Creamery - 4226 Piedmont Ave (at Entrada Ave), Oakland, CA

This lovely century-old Piedmont Avenue ice cream parlor rocks it old school with a classic soda fountain ready to whip up heaping sundaes topped with hot fudge and fresh-made whipped cream, banana splits, thick shakes and sodas. All the ice cream here is homemade with care along with specially prepared toppings of caramel & chocolate fudge from their own candy kettles. You can find all the classic flavors like Butter Pecan, Rocky Road and Strawberry Cheesecake plus seasonal delights such as pumpkin, eggnog and apple pie.

Curbside Creamery - 482 49th Street, Oakland, CA

Tucked away in the hip Temescal Alley, this ice cream shop features scoops, soft serve, ice cream sandwiches, and fresh made waffle cones. The ice cream comes available in both traditional dairy and cashew-based vegan. Flavors are classic with a twist, like Bourbon Whiskey + Vanilla, Salted Caramel and a vegan Mint Chip.

Enjoy the weekend. Discover someting special in your neighborhood.

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