Wind Power Generator Set

Wind Power Generator Set

This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing the alternative energy of wind power. The windmill features loop-wing design that can be rotated by the slightest breeze. You can also run while holding it to generate wind artificially. The kit comes with a rechargeable vehicle that uses power generated by the windmill, running for 1-2 minutes for each 5-10 minute of charge.
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    About the Model

    ** Special "loop wing" design secures high efficiency in power generation, by ensuring that even a minimum amount of wind will produce quick rotation of windmill.

    ** 2 types of gears allow choice of double gear for light wind, and triple gear for stong wind, improving power generated by motor depending on wind strength.

    ** Base doubles as handle allowing you to run while holding windmill to generate power

    ** Low-friction connectors to ensure smooth rotation by wind & efficient power generation