Creaky Knees Guide - The 80 Easy Hikes

Creaky Knees Guide - The 80 Easy Hikes

Title: Creaky Knees Guide - The 80 Easy Hikes
Author: Ann Marie Brown
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    The Creaky Knees Guide Northern California is a day-hiking guidebook filled with kinder, gentler trails. Written in a style that will appeal to aging boomers and anyone who — regardless of age — can't or don't want to walk as far as they once could or would like to, the book covers 80 of the best easy-to-walk hikes throughout the region.

    Trails are divided into regions. There's also a section on urban hikes and walks.

    For each trail, information is given on the following:

    Elevation gains, including a topographical map Clear, up-to-date driving directions Mileage and estimated hiking time, trail conditions, effort level, best season, map references, exploring options, access, permits required, and where to find more information Further directions to offshoot hikes, if you reach the end of the hike, but want to extend your workout.