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Gather Locally

is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting people who want to shop locally with the small independent retailers in their community who are ready to delight you.

See it.

Reserve it.

Collect it.

Gather Locally is built to be...


Local. Discover all that is special about the shops and products that are in neighborhoods near you.


Instant. Everything you see is available now. See it. Reserve it. Collect it.


Unique. Hand-picked network of shops providing the very best of unique products for you, your home or gifts.


Buying what you want is...


Easy. Find what you need and click the 'Reserve' button.


Fast. Stroll to the store and collect your goodies.


Exciting. Discover things you never knew were available in your area.

San Pablo Avenue

Telegraph Avenue

Lakeshore Avenue

College Avenue

Shattuck Avenue

What is Gather Locally?


Gather Locally is an online click-and-collect network of local shops with the best products, curated by passionate store owners.


Discover something special in your neighborhood.


Everything you see is in-stock, just click and collect.


Piedmont Avenue

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